In its simplest form, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offer does exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of you managing the recruitment process in-house, we take all – or part of it – over on your behalf, using a vendor neutral model to increase the scale and scope of your recruitment reach. And because we are experts in this field already, you’ll know you’re in safe hands all the way, dealing with professionals who can not only identify the best talent available but bring it on board too – be it on a permanent or interim basis.

But our service extends well beyond the provision of an expert, external resource. In fact, we actually embed our people with your own so that they are face-to-face with your HR professionals and department heads as well as prospective candidates. This 360 approach ensures we have a full understanding of your company culture and commercial objectives as well as the abilities of potential recruits. And above all, we are entirely flexible when it comes to shaping a programme, adapting our systems to suit your needs and not the other way round.

By working this way, we not only enhance your talent engagement capabilities, we also free up time for your HR teams to focus on other business priorities – be it employee training, building the employer brand or influencing corporate strategy from a people perspective.

We work across all major industry sectors with particular expertise in the fields of IT, Telecoms, Engineering, Consulting and Marketing. We use the same proactive, in-house approach whether we’re recruiting for permanent positions, interim roles or the hiring of entire project teams. (And we never, ever suggest offshoring as a solution!) What’s more, because we adopt a ‘vendor neutral model’ for the recruitment process, it also means our search net is cast even wider.

For a few clients, we’re a tried and trusted stop-gap provider who they utilise on a tactical basis when additional recruitment needs arise. For most, however, our service extends well beyond its RPO parameters, bringing even greater benefits in terms of reduced admin, streamlined compliance, contracting and payroll processes, and even greater cost savings. And you can find out more about our MSP (Managed Service Provision) offer here.



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