Our MSP (Managed Service Provision) offer builds upon our RPO base, allowing clients to pass more of their HR, workforce management and administrative functions into our hands.  Again, flexibility is key, and not just with regard to the targeting, hiring and onboarding of permanent or contract recruits.

Under an MSP agreement, in addition to actual search and selection, we might take control of your contracting, compliance and payrolling processes for individual interim staff, entire packaged teams and/or your permanent workforce as well. (In fact, when we do take on a contractor role on your behalf, we usually assume the same responsibility for all your other interim staff, regardless of their recruitment origin or existing length of contract. Simplicity is central to our offer and this type of approach makes the management process more transparent and accountable for all parties.)

It also lightens your admin load even more – and that really is a major factor when determining what level of MSP support you may require.

We will always shape the scale and scope of our MSP services to match your short and longer-term business needs. For instance, you might need to deal with a backlog of administrative issues, focus HR efforts on staff retention rather than recruitment, or react to a sudden upscaling in business activities and hirings.

Once we know the context, we can create a tailormade package that will meet your needs and save you money as well. And because our expert account handlers will become an inherent part of your in-house team, we can reshape the schedule of work quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively if new circumstances arise.



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