RPO, MSP, In-house or Off-shore – are you spoilt for choice?

Pivot Managing Director, Chris McCarthy gives some straightforward advice for organisations looking to improve and develop their recruitment strategy.

A lot of businesses are bewildered by the choices available in terms of recruitment strategy, which isn’t surprising when you consider the options available: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Providers, In-house teams or Off-shoring. To add to the confusion there are plenty of debates on this subject, which all seem to be clouded with a degree of bias. For any organisations considering their options I would honestly recommend the following actions;

  • Outsource your Interim workforce to an RPO provider. This should be done for several reasons; it frees up the in-house team to focus on direct permanent recruitment so they can enhance employer brand, improve recruitment processes and ultimately deliver better results. It’s a quick win both financially and in terms of efficiency. It also examines how good your internal resource management is (I’m still surprised at the significant number of interims who are in contracts for longer than 12 months, as in most cases that role could be taken by a permanent member of staff).
  • With regard to permanent recruitment, I believe In-house is the most appropriate solution. In-house teams have a unique understanding of their own business and industry that can only come from being a permanent employee, sharing the passion and values of the organisation.
  • Once your organisation has a turnover of greater than £100 Million, or is undergoing rapid change, you should consider engaging an RPO provider to provide additional experienced staff. Utilise them to expand your recruitment function. This is the most cost effective and flexible way to deal with the peaks and troughs of the recruitment cycle, whilst ensuring that when there is a downturn you are not considering making any members of your In-house team redundant.
  • If you are considering off-shoring, do bear in mind the negative impact it can have on your employer brand, flexibility, customer service and recruitment processes, especially where skills are in high demand.



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