Recruitment – Let’s get back to basics!

I have been watching with interest the increased coverage on the latest recruitment fads, the new buzzwords and general hype about the recruitment sector as it constantly tries to reinvent itself. This lead to a discussion in the Pivot office about why there is such a prevalence of this in the recruitment industry.

As recruitment veterans, we have heard and stockpiled quite a few buzzwords over the years, from the industrial-sounding ‘Talent Pipelining’ to ‘Candidate Engagement’ (not to be confused with upcoming nuptials between two potential employees), taking in ‘Networking excellence’ and passing ‘Workforce enhancement’ along the way.

Some of the old hands might even get misty-eyed about the simpler days of Rolodexes and faxing CVs, when we didn’t have to worry about keeping on top of the constant flow of trends around complicated tracking systems, methods of application and ‘personal branding’.

Taking all this into account, we came to the conclusion that the reason for the trends and fads is also the problem – they’re all trying to promote myths and magic around the process of recruitment, which after all is not rocket science.

Like so many things in life, good recruitment is more about hard work and common sense than these much-talked about magic elixirs. The experts that work for us have spent the best part of 20 years building up their expertise and a database of specialist, quality candidates. So call me old-fashioned but I don’t believe there is a substitute for experience and keeping to the basics (sometimes learnt the hard way!).

That’s not to say that keeping on top of trends can’t be useful. For example we’re all aware of the inexorable rise of social platforms, some of which are now an essential part of any recruiter’s arsenal but are they delivering results.

So for summer 2017, let’s start a new recruitment trend that provides a reliable and straightforward way of helping businesses to grow and succeed. And we can call it ‘Back to Basics’.

PS – to prove the glib nature of some of these buzzwords, one of the phrases was made up on the spot whilst writing this article. If you think you’ve spotted it, tweet @PivotRPO



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