Managing Your Contingent Workforce

Chris McCarthy, Managing Director of Pivot RPO, gives us his essential guide to managing your contingent workforce.

If you’re running a successful, growing business, it’s likely that you’ve considered using interims or contractors at some point. In fact the UK economy benefits to the tune of £20 Billion per annum through the use of Limited Company contractors and predictions outline that half of all workforces will consist of contingent workers. So what do you need to consider if you’ve never used a significant number of contractors before? We’ve put together the following advice to get you started:

  • Have a project plan
    One of the most effective ways of using contractors is to complete or contribute to a specific project that requires technical knowledge, flexible resource or qualifications that you do not have in the business currently. It’s vital at this stage to have a clear goal in mind that you can communicate to your recruitment agency or managed service provider. Think about how you would answer the following:- What are the deadlines for completion?
    – What exactly does the project entail and what specific skill sets are needed?
    – How easily can you describe the project goals and parameters to someone who may be unfamiliar with your company’s systems and processes?
    – How will you payroll and administrate the documentation for this critical business resource
  • Talk to your team
    If your organisation has not used contractors before, or if this is the first time you’re bringing in larger volumes of temporary workers, you need to have a talk with your employees. It’s important that any contractors are welcomed into the company from day one, and that your permanent staff are supportive and ‘on-board’. This can be achieved by having an honest dialogue with the key internal stakeholders and your employees about how temporary staff will benefit the company and complement the existing workforce.
  • Make the most of them
    One of the more overlooked benefits of hiring temporary workers is getting an ‘outsiders view from the inside’. This is a perfect opportunity to up-skill current employees through the interaction with external contractors and also get a new point of view on possible improvements to your company, on everything from culture to processes. Contractors obtain a great deal of experience in a variety of organisations and can offer a unique perspective, so don’t forget to ask their opinion where appropriate.
  • Get expert advice
    Hiring contractors for a large technical or business transformation project can be daunting. There are lots of legal and financial aspects to consider, which is why it’s always good in these cases to consult the experts to make sure your business isn’t exposed. Pivot RPO can simplify the hiring process by providing a contractor management service. We can also benchmark contractor salaries to help your business achieve value savings against market information. Start the ball rolling by having a chat to us today on 01926 455934 .



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