Hiring for Attitude

Why do some many new hires fail in the first 18mths?

In a recent Forbes article, bestselling author Mark Murphy explains why hiring for attitude is so important.

When researchers tracked 20,000 new hires, they discovered that 46% of them failed within 18 months. But even more surprising than the failure rate, was that when new hires failed, 89% of the time it was for attitudinal reasons and only 11% of the time for a lack of skill. Mark maintains there are clear reasons why this is the case, “The attitudinal deficits that doomed these failed hires included a lack of coachability, low levels of emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament.”

He goes on to explain why soft skills are sometimes more important than technical skills, “Soft skills are the capabilities that attitude can enhance or undermine. For example, a newly hired executive may have the intelligence, business experience and financial acumen to fit well in a new role. But if that same executive has an authoritarian, hard-driving style, and they’re being hired into a social culture where happiness and camaraderie are paramount, that combination is unlikely to work.”

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