Unsure whether RPO services are appropriate for your business?

Perhaps your company has gone through a period of growth or transition and you need to review your recruitment processes? Our free diagnostic tool will allow our experts to put together bespoke recommendations to improve efficiency and cost reduction. Simply answer the questions in our short diagnostic questionnaire for your free, no obligation report.

1. Does your business have a clear authorisation process to recruit externally?

2. How strong is your internal resource management?

3. Please describe any methods you use to benchmark salaries:

4. Do you keep an internal database of historic applicants for any vacancies?

5. Do you know how much you spend annually on recruitment?

6. Do you know what you spend annually on recruitment advertising?

7. On average, how many CVs do you receive for each vacancy?

8. Of these, how many would you take to interview stage?

9. Do all rejected candidates receive feedback?

10. Do you utilise a referral scheme to attract a wider pool of candidates?

11. How many agencies have you used in the last 12 months?

12. Out of your Hiring Managers, how many are trained in Competency Based interviews?

13. On average, how many contractors does your business employ at any one time?

14. Please can you describe your approach to AWR and how it has affected your business?

15. Many thanks for completing the questionnaire. We will put together a free, no obligation report diagnosing ways to improve your recruitment process. Please fill in your contact details below to receive your bespoke report.



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