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KCOM has over 1800 employees and a 107 year history of providing market leading communications solutions to business and consumer markets across the UK. The company has succeeded through a combination of organic growth and acquisition, bringing a diversity of cultures and operational styles into the organisation. This diversity presents a number of challenges to the Recruitment function in delivering appropriate services across all areas of the business. Most contractor managed service providers are large recruitment agencies and do not have the independence to provide a totally vendor neutral service. KCOM was looking for a neutral approach due to the failure of a previous “Tiered” Master Vendor arrangement. Pivot RPO had the flexibility to build the right approach providing expertise and bringing more control and efficiency to the supply of contract or temporary staff.


Pivot RPO worked with the Group’s HR and Procurement teams to provide a stand-alone contractor management service followed by a complete, neutral managed service. Our account manager took complete responsibility of the process, from building relationships with the hiring community to supplier management.


We work with KCOM to benchmark both supplier and contractor rates. Using this information allowed our client to achieve value savings against market information. Our strategy focuses on creating a model that allows Hiring Managers to have a flexible but controlled hiring process.

Supporting the HR function

KCOM has embarked on an ambitious vision, supported by a People Strategy delivered by HR.  This strategy has recruiting Talent as a key aim.  Recruiting high level contract staff is part of this aim, as well as feeing up the operational HR team to deliver other parts of the strategy.



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