Bringing new people into a company – on a permanent or interim basis – always carries an element of risk. But by getting to know your culture and commercial objectives in the same way we get to know our candidates’ abilities and aspirations, the chances of a mis-match are greatly reduced.

Even so, once this process is complete, clients still need to get the best out of their new recruits whether they’re employed on a permanent or interim basis. And this is an area where we can provide real benefits on five fronts.

Contracting & Compliance

We can take control of these elements of the onboarding process, lightening your admin load and leaving with you more time to assimilate new recruits into your company culture.

Streamlined Payrolling

We can also manage your payroll processes for both permanent and interim staff, providing you with a consolidated monthly invoice that takes the hassle out of managing multiple contractors or a large, multi-functional workforce.

Real Time Measurement

Pivot Point, our real-time tracking app, allows you to monitor and manage how your workforce use their time to best effect. Mobile and interactive, the app is an invaluable tool for scheduling tasks, processing workflow, shifting resource on a needs basis, and assessing employee skill sets. We also have extensive experience in setting and evaluating KPI measurements and are happy to advise and guide on request.


To assist our clients and candidates with onboarding and management development we offer a series of training modules in partnership with our preferred supplier, Leadershape. There are some nine programme modules to choose from with the accent on team-building and personal development – key areas when assimilating management recruits into a new culture.

Competitive Benchmarking

Data is meaningless without insight. You may know your own employer brand inside out but how does it compare to rivals? We can help with this too, assessing their values, reputation and working practices. Using lessons learned from the evaluation, you can adjust your own practices (if necessary), improving your own workforce effectiveness and enhancing your brand as ‘an employer of choice’ among potential recruits.

We are always happy to discuss these services on an individual or packaged basis. Just call 03333 207 555 for more information.



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