Any RPO or MSP assignment we undertake starts with the establishment of measurement parameters from the client perspective. These change according to circumstances but would typically involve search and selection timeframes, quality of candidates, conversion rates, account-handler performance and – underlying it all – targeted admin efficiencies and potential cost savings.

These last two elements go hand in hand as they are the cornerstones of the RPO and MSP process. By taking over recruitment responsibilities we free up more time for your in-house HR team, allowing you to focus on other business priorities. And whilst you’re doing that, we are fulfilling a variety of your other roles – engaging talent and (where applicable) managing the contracting, compliance and payroll elements of the brief as well.

When the partnership works – and it works all the time with us – it’s a marriage made in heaven. Your recruitment and admin functions are in safe hands whilst your wider HR remit doesn’t suffer from lack of attention during upscales in recruitment and administrative activity.

And the true beauty of the relationship, of course, is that while it’s a marriage, it doesn’t last forever! In fact, it stays in place only for the time it is needed. When HR pressures reduce or other priorities recede, we exit our role, leaving you with no long-term overheads or potential redundancy issues due to overstaffing of the HR function on a permanent basis.

(Please note: Commercial confidentialities prevents us publishing cost-savings data in detail. But the Clients & Case Studies section of our site gives examples of companies who have benefited from our approach. And if you want to discuss how we might be able to help you, we’re only a call away: 03333 207 5555.



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