Time is money a wise man once said and that’s never been truer than when an admin mishap or bureaucratic backlog sucks precious hours out of the working day.

The simple answer, of course, is to throw extra resource at the problem, switching HR staff onto ‘rescue duties’ or making additional, permanent hires to handle the extra workload. But what happens when the backlog clears and the system starts to run smoothly again? You’re either left with untouched tasks in other areas of your HR operation or faced with an increased overhead and long-term headcount that can only be solved by potential redundancies.

That’s why our RPO and MSP offers are so suited to companies and HR departments facing unexpected peaks in the administrative aspects of recruitment.

Pressure on the system could come from something positive – an upscale in the business activity for instance. But it could be something problematic too, like changes to employment legislation or AWR.

But whatever the cause, we can help. Not only are we experts in recruiting, we’re also expert in all the paperwork, hand-holding and hassle that can occur when an appointment has been made. And because we have extensive experience in this area, we can accurately forecast how much time needs to be devoted to sorting out potential snarl-ups. It’s a modular approach, one that weighs our account team’s man-hours against the potential scale of the admin task. There are no hidden charges or creeping extras, just an agreed fee for the anticipated workload.

But whatever the reason for admin pressures, the end-result is always the same. Our embedded teams shoulder the extra load when it arises, leaving client teams free to focus on other HR issues. And when the workload stabilises again, we drop the level of service, leaving with you no longer-term costs to worry about.



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