Keeping up with employment legislation can be a full time job in its own right. And with Brexit implications likely to change and confuse the landscape even further, that burden is likely to get heavier in the short to medium term.

That’s why our experts are such a crucial resource in this area. Because we are dealing with the same issues for multiple clients all the time, we don’t have to go through the same learning curve every time an issue arises. The knowledge bank is already there.

And that’s an invaluable resource when one (or more) of our account handlers is embedded in your organisation’s HR department. Not only will they have answers to hand if needed but – if it’s a full MSP assignment – they’ll already be taking care of such matters as part of their remit.

Our MSP capabilities cover the key compliance and regulatory fields of Sole Trader/limited company status, indemnity & liabilities, insurance, UK or local market eligibility, AWR, VAT and HMRC filings, IR35 status and any number of related issues.

And in a world where the simplest compliance mistake can create an administrative backlog, that’s added peace of mind for you, your HR team and the workers we manage on your behalf.



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