Operating on a UK, multi-country or full EMEA basis, Pivot RPO is your one-stop shop for fast, flexible and fully-managed outsourced recruitment solutions.

Workforce Management

Bringing new people into a company – on a permanent or interim basis – always carries an element of risk. But by getting to know your culture and commercial objectives in the same way we get to know our candidates’ abilities and aspirations, the chances of a mis-match are greatly reduced.

Even so, once this process is complete, clients still need to get the best out of their new recruits whether they’re employed on a permanent or interim basis. And this is an area where we can provide real benefits on five fronts.

Controlled Administration

Time is money a wise man once said and that’s never been truer than when an admin mishap or bureaucratic backlog sucks precious hours out of the working day.

The simple answer, of course, is to throw extra resource at the problem, switching HR staff onto ‘rescue duties’ or making additional, permanent hires to handle the extra workload. But what happens when the backlog clears and the system starts to run smoothly again?

Compliance & Governance

Keeping up with employment legislation can be a full time job in its own right. And with Brexit implications likely to change and confuse the landscape even further, that burden is likely to get heavier in the short to medium term.

That’s why our experts are such a crucial resource in this area. Because we are dealing with the same issues for multiple clients all the time, we don’t have to go through the same learning curve every time an issue arises. The knowledge bank is already there.

ROI & Measurement

Any RPO or MSP assignment we undertake starts with the establishment of measurement parameters form the client perspective. These change according to circumstances but would typically involve search and selection timeframes, quality of candidates, conversion rates, account-handler performance and – underlying it all – targeted admin efficiencies and potential cost savings.

These last two elements go hand in hand as they are the cornerstones of the RPO and MSP process.


Flexibility is central to our way servicing client needs. As a truly independent company we are not tied to any trademarked operating systems or parent corporation protocols. Put simply, we work the way you want us to work, putting your needs at the top of the agenda and then creating a programme that’s totally fit for task.

Here’s our dice-and-splice menu of how we may be able to help you...

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We work on a UK, multi-country or full EMEA basis, undertaking RPO and MSP assignments for larger SMEs, major corporations and global concerns.

We cover all major industrial and business sectors with particular experience in the fields of IT, Telecoms, Engineering, Consulting and Marketing...



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